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 The Krawl Invasion of Earth

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The Krawl Invasion of Earth Empty
PostSubject: The Krawl Invasion of Earth   The Krawl Invasion of Earth EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 10:08 pm

The date: April 7, 2553 AD.

The situation:
International intelligence satellites pick up strange readings of what is believed to be "dark matter". However, this mass of dark matter is moving at a visible pace - unlike normal dark matter. Electromagnetic frequencies returned from the cloud indicate semi-sentient life. The Earth panics. Never before did such a mass of aliens surround them since the year 2200. The result: The Confederation of Planets for Democracy (pre-CUPE organization) mobilizes a team of scientists and an inter-planetary army to investigate. A friendly outreach quickly goes wrong. The spaceship disappears into the dark cloud and then is presumed destroyed on the date of April 5, 2552. At the rate of approach: the aliens are set to land on the day April 26, 2552.

An infrared approach to the cloud results in the finding that the beings inside do NOT emit heat. Perplexed, the teams come to a mortifying conclusion:

Krawl are real. And they are coming.

The team, headed by Interplanetary Prime Minister J. Y. Lo, assembles an elite force, handpicked from the commission. The team consists of only 250 people and 5 spaceships.

The future of everything is yet to be determined.

Dateline: December 27, 2552.

The situation: Earth is being invaded. Again.

This time, it's Krawl. And the Marines are mobilized. The UNSC takes off - again - to fight this force. A preliminary group is quickly overwhelmed, and the Marines realize they need new firepower.
At the same time researchers find what they believe to be a "crack" in the universe - a place where there seems to be a wall in the universe, and that wall is breaking.

To be more exact, the wall is slowly falling through and turning into a wormhole. A very unstable wormhole.

What worries them more is when the Krawl move through the wormhole, causing it to expand explosively.

Dateline: January 1, 2553.

The wormhole collapses as half of the Krawl army disappears - and so does the wall. Suddenly the universe stops expanding in that direction, as if it has collided and merged with what could be another universe.

Dateline: March 29, 2553.

DARPA intercepts a coded message from deep space, saying in multiple languages of Earth,
"If the crack has exploded - you are not alone. Friendly sentient life exists elsewhere."
Unable to trace the location of the message, they can only wait for a physical messenger from the sender - and to get an explanation of why all of the languages used were identical to the ones found on Earth.

Universe 1 holds the Earth of Revelations (Which will be referred to as First Earth). This is the one that sent the message.
Universe 2 holds the Earth of Halo (Which will be referred to as Second Earth). This is the one that is first invaded by Krawl.

Up to 2 OCs ONLY. Please reply below with which OCs will be used.

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The Krawl Invasion of Earth Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Krawl Invasion of Earth   The Krawl Invasion of Earth EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 10:14 pm


1. Nick Smyth
2. KaZarri
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The Krawl Invasion of Earth
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