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 NICK4120 OC Catalogue

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PostSubject: NICK4120 OC Catalogue   NICK4120 OC Catalogue EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 8:01 pm

This is a REFERENCE section for all OCs and personas that have been created by:


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PostSubject: OC 1   NICK4120 OC Catalogue EmptyTue Jul 26, 2011 9:09 pm

Nick Smyth

Aug. 15, 1925 Age: 25

place of birth: New York City, New York

Black hair, green eyes, wears ODST armor, skinny, tan skin. Out of the armor, he wears black cargo pants and a white muscle shirt, strong build.

He likes to work out, practice shooting targets, driving, matchmaking, killing Krawl, Nazis, and Zombies, and save humanity from aliens (Krawl), 

Personality: Serious in battle and life or death situations. Calm in regular everyday situations.

Moves: Punch and Kick. And the following weapons: Knife, Pistol, Battle Rifle

Associations with Other People AND Type of association :
Ka'Zarri (Couple)
Xytan (Ally)
Kron (Enemy)
Edward Rictofen (Person he really REALLY hates.)
Zari Zorah (Ally)

Miscellaneous Information: In 1943, Nick joined the marine Corp. In 1945, he and a squad of other marines To infiltrate a Nazi Scientist organization called "Group 935" and assassinate DR. Edward Rictofen. After killing a double, he realizes the mission failed and was captured for experimentation. Rictofen hand-picked him for testing his MDT (Teleporter). Instead of being teleported, Nick got sent to the year 2547, realizing that earth was at war with a genocidal
Alien alliance known as "The Covenant", he joined ODST. after the war ended in 2552, the Krawl started an invasion on earth. The NPP then came to help, Nick got sent to Ziba from commander Grant to kill "Key Subjects". There he found Ka'Zarri, Xytan, and Zari. Now, he is on a mission to convince Grant to not kill innocent aliens. Or experiment on them.

--KiraYamato54 dated July 27 2011 at 0324 GMT
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NICK4120 OC Catalogue
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