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 OC Catalog for Phear

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Phear me

Phear me

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OC Catalog for Phear Empty
PostSubject: OC Catalog for Phear   OC Catalog for Phear EmptyThu Jul 07, 2011 8:58 pm

Sorry, haven't been on much. The tests threw me off my regular visits, then i had some stuff, then there was camp, then there was 4th of July, and then i saw a movie IN CAMP! IN A THEATER Very Happy

Oh and of course friends and family. 3 sailing trips, one to Fire Island even :O

Anyways......Computer Archives, activated!!!

Name in Full: Tyron (Known to only one person, his dad, as his mom died. Unsure of why he uses Phear as of yet) "Phear" Delrinium Magnus Me

Birthday and Age: Speculated to be around July in 94, but is uncertain. Some have speculated however he is seemingly ageless and that he has actually been alive for thousands of years, safeguarding humanity from dangers. However, this speculation holds no actual evidence, not even pictures. The only possible hint was a seemingly ageless woman called Helen Magnus, whos last name is in his, and is speculated to be his mother.

Origin (Place of Birth): Unknown. However, rumor is he was born on a planet called Cyprus, which was supposedly sucked into a black hole many years ago along with the rest of the system. No one has actually gone close enough to check it out, for fear of the black hole.

Physical Appearance: Despite speculation, he has been confirmed to have brown hair and brown eyes, not black. However, these have reported to have become golden when exposed to the sun for so long. He is naturally thin, and yet somehow really fit. He is fairly tall, and he manages to stay that way.

Hobbies and Interests: Other then working on his projects, he seems mainly focused on his loved ones and his work. However, anyone who knew a little more about him would know he has a slight addiction to pinball and has a love for movies.

Personality: Prefering to utilize all possibilities and resources, he is a very strategic person. In Chess, he went from being in check to having the enemy in check mate in one turn. Notably, he had managed to move the enemy pieces right to where he wanted them. He is also very caring and kind once you get to know him. He would do almost anything to save humanity.

Attacks: (Fire Storm, Dark Void, Dark Matter, Fire Wall, Void Rip, and the most powerful, Dark Fire...)

Weapons: A unique Powerful Blaster. The Damage was intensified x20 after getting hit with a unique radiation lash, and it seems to use less ammo then before as well. Another would be The Power Cannon, a prototype weapon that takes the users powers and makes them even more powerful, also allowing them to be focused on one target.

Associations with Other People AND Type of Association:
Jenny: Love
Azula, Julie, Elliot: Friends
Jamie: Best Friends
Myro: Brothers
John: Father
Helen: Mother, deceased (Or is she...)
Commander Tom Rex: Adviser, friend, hired him
Darkus: Mortal Enemy
Blue Suns Mercenary Corporation: They are very pissed at him
Dino Corp: Phear has never actually learned about them or met them, and they are incredibly good at covering their tracks. They apparently have been losing money ever since Phear started meddling with them.

Miscellaneous Information: Not Much information has been stored or recorded. At most, the last 5 years are the only things that could be uncovered.... He is also a pretty good technician....

Hookaaaay I see endless possibilites for godmodding but other than that the sheet is A-OK. Good to see you back.
--Signed by KiraYamato54 dated this July 10 2011 at 0007 GMT.
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OC Catalog for Phear
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