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 OC Listings for Thanatos

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OC Listings for Thanatos Empty
PostSubject: OC Listings for Thanatos   OC Listings for Thanatos EmptySun May 15, 2011 2:22 pm

This is a REFERENCE section for all OCs and personas that have been created by:


Any other posts will be deleted.
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OC Listings for Thanatos Empty
PostSubject: Re: OC Listings for Thanatos   OC Listings for Thanatos EmptyFri May 27, 2011 11:17 pm

|File download: 100% Complete|
|No viruses, malware, spyware, etc. found|
|File Name: Thanatos Profile|
|Open? [Y]/N|

Namel: Thanatos

Birthday and Age: May 6, 7008 BC

Origin (Place of Birth): Unknown

Physical Appearance

He has six massive, demonic wings sprouting from his back, and eys featuring pure black sclera and glowing red irises. Has a long, strong tail with spikes running the length of it. His skin tone is dark gray. His body build is like that of a large dragon, able to shift between traveling on all fours and on two legs. Unless he happens to be exhausted, he will be on two legs. His head his adorned with six large, curved, black horns, and he has a long snout, complete with a fang-lined, dragonic mouth. He is adorned with numerous decorations and what looks to be armor plating, lined with shades of black and dark purple. One thing he can change is is height: he has the ability to change his size at will.

Hobbies and Interests

He seems to enjoy combat quite a bit, this may be linked to his function in nature (do not mistake this for a joy of KILLING, that is something he does not enjoy). He also has a flair for the dramatic.


He is quite a dark being, surprising considering that Spectrobes are considered "creatures of light." He is not evil, however, but can make immoral decisions from time to time(don't we all?). You will actually find that, despite his apperance and history, you could relatively easily make a powerful ally with him, although he can be callous some of the time. His personality is a mixed bag, unpredictable. You will find he can be quite serious when the moment calls for it, though, and even extremely frightening at times.

Attacks with Adequate Descriptions, if any

Chaos Beams: Fires black and purple colored beams at an enemy or multiple enemies, causing a good amount of damage and perhaps burning the target.

Void Flame: He can shoot forth streams of black fire or cause explosions of black fire. Can do respectable damage, but not usually lethal on the first few hits.

Soul Reap (also called Death): His ultimate attack. The eye sockets of the skull adornment on his scythe glow a deep, shining crimson, and he becomes wrapped in black darkness. Should he be able to hit his enemy while in this state with his scythe, it's a one-hit kill. As such, this is a very rare attack to ever see - it's so powerful and unfair that Thanatos saves this for a last resort move. This attack is the manifestation of his power and status as the ultimate form that governs Death.

Demonic Meggido: This is a blatant ripoff of Dracula's ultimate attack from Castlevania. There are two versions - the first one, he'll cause a gigantic explosion with himself as the nucleus. The other, smaller, and more used cersion involves him shooting a massive black fireball that explodes with tremendous force. This attack is his second most powerful, Soul Reap being superior.

Pitch Blackness: He can make an area pitch black, so dark you can't see your hand in front of your face. This is usually not used in battle.

Teleportation and Portal Creation: He is fully capable of teleporting and creating portals in order to travel quickly.

Weapons, if any

His main weapon which he is always seen with is his massive, pitch-black, demonic-looking scythe, which can take the souls of its victims. He can also use his claws, teeth, and horns.

Associations with Other People AND Type of Association

Mikano T. Zirake, Joshua Yun-Ho Lo, Aka Jounetsu Lauri: Close friends

Twili: Unknown

Arufura: Primary enemy

|End of document.|

KiraYamato54: Approved this May 28, 2011 0525 GMT.
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OC Listings for Thanatos
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